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Working in a non-figurative, non-abstract tradition, which echoes of both surrealism and suprematism, Åsa Langert creates buoyant paintings and sculptures of multiplying shape and color, conjuring shifts in spatial depth and often defying laws of perspective. She is primarily concerned with the movement and balance of the color and the line. This is as much informed by her eleven early and formative years in ballet at such prestigious institution as the Swedish Royal Ballet School, as by her extensive experience in textile and fashion design. The engine that drives her has always been the simplicity of a single line.


Following a knee injury that put an abrupt end to a promising career in ballet, Åsa was accepted into the renowned Konstfack School of Arts in Stockholm. After completing her Master’s Degree in textile design, Åsa moved to New York City to continue her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she specialized in draping and developed a form of dancer's 'pas de deux' with the dressform. After a few years working as a designer under her own label, head of costumeshop and color consultant for among others the Houston Grand Opera, Åsa moved back to Sweden to focus full time on her fine art.


" The polarities of the explosive energy in a rapid movement vs the dense tranquility of perfect balance, as well as and the vibration between the colors, is crucial. The challenge is to find the tension of the lines defining the fields in a painting or a sculpture, which in turn have to cohere precisely with the color. It's still the dancer within me that’s perpetuated that physical movement, which now finds a way to manifest itself in a compact, two or three-dimensional reality."


In 2007 Åsa built her studio on the shores of Storsjön outside of Sandviken, Sweden.





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